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tv   [untitled]    May 1, 2012 3:00am-3:30am PDT

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freedom of information act and your deliberations. what you have to do now is the ethical. many constituents have come here and said to your face, "i doubt you can be ethical." thank you very much. [applause] >> my name is -- king. i am the bishop of the orthodox church. i came without prepared words but a hard that is true to their real mix of what the san francisco community feels about ross mirkarimi, and i think it is time that the city comes together and close ranks to deal with issues that are pending that are so much more important than something i feel has been
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over stage. ross mirkarimi, i understand, as a provider for his family has been crippled. a city designed to protect his wife and child, then i think there're be more concerned about him being able to do that financially. this is a historical time for us with the reentry of prisoners back into the city. i think sheriff mirkarimi has expressed his desire to have the ability to be able to aid in the success of that program. i think that there is money that needs to be diverted in other areas other than continuing to persecute a man who has demonstrated as a supervisor and in his campaigning in the office for sheriff that he is capable and able to represent
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the hearts and feelings of the citizens of this city. i would also say that there is a sentiment within the streets of san francisco and the people that are not so discouraged that he would not do a good job, but they are feeling that there is a great love for a share of, one who has known what it is to fall and get up again, one that knows how important that phone call is, how important that it is that that plays an institution have dignity. i want to thank you, commissioners, for what you are doing in consideration of these things, and we trust that god, his truth will be established.
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[applause] >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am a pastor. one person to control the media, orchestrated to distract and deceive the public. at its center is an assault on our democracy. with due diligence and vigor, three of the highest elected officials in the city, the mayor, district attorney, and the city attorney have pursued mirkarimi tenaciously. simultaneously, they have ignored my case, sunshine case number 11048, that found supervisors eric mar, malia
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cohen, president chiu and others -- misconduct because all four of them have broken the law. this case was there before the mirkarimi case. furthermore, there needs to be an investigation as to why why supervisor carmen chu got a crosswalk in her district, which she did not disclose. she did not recuse yourself from the vote on that project. that was clearly a conflict of interest. the people of park merced deserve to have their case proceed as tenaciously as this one because we are entitled to equal protection under the law. this case is going to court, and i will pursue it with every spirit in my body. i implore you to not succumb to political pressure and not be
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used. you are intelligent human beings, and thank you. [applause] >> hello, good afternoon. my name is -- i am here to support share of mirkarimi and his family. i came to san francisco because i believed the city is a city of diversity, a city of fairness, a city of fairness, but all i see is injustice and corruption. you guys should dismiss this charge and let the man continued doing his job. suspension without pay is unfair and cruel. he has got family and has to be able to pay. a whole thing is just a sham. it is politically motivated. you guys should drop these charges and let the man continued to do his job. shared mirkarimi is one of the
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best politicians in san francisco. he fights for san francisco. he fights for the san francisco values. he is the type of politician we need in san francisco. i support victims of domestic violence. the victim is not saying that she was abused. she is supporting there has been. the d.a. dropped all of the charges, and there is a new charge of false imprisonment. it is a shame. you guys should not allow this to continue, and it is very unfortunate that we are in this situation right now. this man has got a lot of supporters in san francisco. even removed from his job, he still has a lot of influence in san francisco with his
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constituency and the people voted for it. they are passionate about this man, a hard-working man. he loves san francisco. he loves this city. you guys are doing wrong. [applause] >> good evening, commissioners. thank you for your time. i am kevin, and eight-year resident of district 10. i am not politically affiliated with the mayor or mr. mirkarimi. i think it would benefit the public if this were to be a speedy process, and i think the schedule that you have outlined would be good for that. i would say that it is up to the commission to decide how it is going to make a decision, whether it be majority vote, unanimous vote, or a consensus, and the majority of my comments will be directed towards official misconduct. it is said to be any wrongful behavior in relation to the duties of the office.
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as a top law enforcement official, knowing right from wrong, to know and enforce the law, and also to exercise discretion in areas where the law may be unclear, an unfortunate example of that maybe at uc-davis, where some protestors were sprayed with pepper spray. i would say that anyone who knowingly and willfully violate a federal, state, county, or city statute does not have level of impeccable moral character that is necessary to exercise that kind of judgment as a top law-enforcement official. so i recognize that mr. mirkarimi has many years of service to the city, and i thank him for that, but i do not believe that he is that as our top law-enforcement official
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because of this character judgment issue, and i think he will have a chance to rebuild, but if, in fact, he admits to breaking a law of california, that he has violated the official misconduct statute of the city charter. thank you. >> good evening. my name is tammy bryant, and i did not come here prepared to testify because i did not know we would have that chance, so i am grateful. i am here to support share of mirkarimi and to urge you to dismiss these charges for a glaring lack of evidence that any misconduct occurred. i stand before you as the mother of three survive to domestic violence two decades ago. i know what domestic violence is. i am a constituent who worked closely with shared mirkarimi, and with his leadership, we significantly reduced the incidence of young homicide and violence because of the way he fought for programs that would
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help serve our community, and there was a tangible difference going out and not having to step over dead bodies of kids every day in the street, and this is the kind of leader that share of mirkarimi is. public safety. as a person, i find him to be a gentle soul with eight tender heart, especially towards his wife and child. i have had the honor of speaking to his wife in her native spanish and fully believe her assertion that no domestic violence occurred and resent those who seek to infantilize and marginalize her as if she has no voice, as if she is nothing. she has been reduced to nothing by these proceedings, and i think we need to honor ms. lopez and to honor what she says. having survived domestic violence, i know what it is, and i am confident that they are both truthfully speaking that share of mirkarimi is actually innocent and no domestic
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violence occurred. this case is based on after the fact here say statements that were fabricated for a potential custody battle. i urge you to dismiss this and let our democratically elected sheriff do his job. our kids are dying on the street. that is where our priorities should be. we need him on the street right now. we are losing children while resources are being wasted on this travesty. he is the sheriff that we need, and we need him yesterday. please stop wasting time. thank you. [no audio] [applause] >> good evening. i am a criminal defense attorney, and it certainly has been a very educational evening for me, and i thank you for that. i would just like to make three points in regard to some of the things that were said and some of the other comments that were made. i would submit to you that in the past, perhaps the commission has not been as active as it
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should of been in regards to some things brought up. that is not a reason to be in dereliction of its duty right now. obviously, like any other judicata body, you have to resolve each and every case that comes before you, and i do not believe this is something with the allegations of the share of can be judged. the second thing i would like to point out is that this case did not come about because of a whim of the mayor's office. it came about because the share pled guilty in a criminal trial rather to avoid going through a criminal trial. obviously, he has the option, as everybody else in this country does, to proceed forward and go to trial. if he wanted to take the chance, he could have been exonerating. he chose not to do that. i would therefore strongly request and recommend that you follow the procedures and provide for as much live
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testimony so that this club can be removed both from the city and the sheriff can determine whether he is allowed to remain in office or will be removed from it. thank you. >> good evening, commissioners. my first time before you are, although i was on my way up here before this whole incident happened because i've heard about something i was trying to get some satisfaction from, some sunshine, but it never made it to you, but i am here totally supporting ross mirkarimi. from the western division, he is the best supervisor we have ever had. i am a part of the media. i am the only black media here at city hall. i call it silly hall, and what
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we are doing now is silly, y'all. others have had sex, intercourses, but that was not enough to get people out of office. here a supervisor was having difficulties in his family, but you and whenever force is behind all of this is try to create something that is really not there. we had a share of that was on a point to help the people, and let me just say something here. ♪ my name is ace and i have been on this case some of the people out here do not want me on your case but it is no mystery just check the history ♪ now, let me say that mirkarimi is the best supervisor we have
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had in the district, and moving up to share, he can help the people. if it had been joe blow or somebody else, you would have had no problem, but what is the issue? they can except mayors having sex, but if somebody as a problem in his family, you criticize him like this. ross is a good guy [applause] chair hur: is there any additional public comment? >> hello. my name is maureen dowd ag it -- mauren gdaggett. i have been in san francisco my whole life. i went to robert louis stevenson, high school.
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i went to san francisco state. i went to graduate school year. i have worked here. i have been teaching in preschools. i have been on the board directors for urban schools. i worked all over this city. with children in head start, i was one of the early founders. i care about all kinds of issues, and i really care about ross. my son is a friend of his. they are families together. i know from my son that he is a good family man. my son is really careful with his family. he has of venezuelan wife, as well, and i know what those tensions can be about. family in venezuela and how
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things weren't about that. i know ross is a good man, and he has done so much for our city. he is to be voted for. he got more votes than the mayor, and we want to keep him. [cheers and applause] >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is -- and i am the executive director of a project, responding for victims of homicide and violence. i am here today to commend you for your due diligence, and i would hope that we do not inadvertently perpetuate our own collective misconduct, and i am coming back off of this of all homicides in our community, and i would appeal to you that we not continue to perpetuate this and that we bring closure to this expeditiously, as possible,
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and we need sheriff mirkarimi back in his position. we collectively as a city have the opportunity to mitigate the violence, to end the continued recidivism, but we need leadership to do that, and we need leadership at a physically lean times. i would ask you to consider the following. in the continuance or extension of this continued in greek regarding his legitimate place back at city hall, how much money are we spending? i am a taxpayer. i want to know how much money we have spent, and let's bring those resources back home under the leadership so deservedly under ross mirkarimi. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> hi. my name is jose morales, and i
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am a member of the senior action network, and i am proud to be a member of a group, 50 million together fighting against injustice and foreclosures, and i am here to defend ross mirkarimi, my friend. i admire him. i read one time in the newspaper that he was walking on a sidewalk, and somebody was assaulting a person, and he defended the person from being a assaulted, you know, and all that he did, do not forget, his wife's arm. he is awfully strong, but his intention was not to hurt her,
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and you have heard and read in the paper that it was not his intention to hurt his wife. he was just a little nervous, and he made a mistake. as a matter of fact, this same problem has happened in the city of san francisco to other officials and their wives. like brown. 10 points of law, the 10 commandments. he did not comply with one single commandment or promises. that is outrageous. that is really unethical, but here is one of the best supervisors, most progressive,
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and you should defend him. you will not be representing our city if you do not. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> commissioners, and terry sanders with the in arrears foundation. i am a union and community organizer. i have known ross mirkarimi many, many years. he was one of the founding people to of create the reentry council. he speaks highly and often about the local job issues, helping to create jobs for disadvantaged neighborhoods. being a supervisor in district 5, going over there when they
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had some boxing matches, and the supervisor was there, but what i really want to talk about is our character assassination of a newspaper. it has vilified this person here every day, every day. it is news. distorted news, but it was news. i have got the news here. i have got the news here. look at it here. look at it here. sensationalism. i took a course in journalism. very distasteful, very ugly. it took him away from his family. how could you do that? and you sit in judgment? and he sat in judgment. it should be dismissed before it even goes any further, but would you have the courage to do that? would you have the courage to do
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that? you are talking about ethics. we are talking about law. or are we talking about personalities? [applause] >> good evening, commissioners. i am a community activist. my name is -- i am here to give sheriff mirkarimi my complete support. i would like us to go back to work immediately, have him go back for the job he was elected for. as a mother and woman, i have had long-term relationships. a young child, upset, getting into an argument, if things get heated, stuff happens. that is not misconduct. misconduct is real-life issues that we all have to deal with in today's relationships. enough is enough. i really truly believe share of
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mirkarimi needs to go back to work. we need him. there is many people coming out, something he has always been a part of. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, commissioners, for giving me this opportunity to be year ended least portillo minutes -- two minutes of my heart out to you. my name is bob. i was born and raised in tehran, iran. i have been a very long time california resident since the 1960's. i would like to bring to your attention one point that no one has mentioned. the universal declaration of human rights. it is only 32 sentences. it is not 35 pages to go in a brief. if you read that, this man and his family have been violated of
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every single one of those 32 situations. the universal human rights, and it does not belong to our state department to take to north korea, russia, myanmar, china, etc. the other point that i would like to bring is mayor ed lee, he suspended share of mirkarimi on the new year's day, and a lot of people have called that a racist move. to support that, he would have never done it to a black. would he do it to a black on martin luther king day, to a two-person -- to a jew on rosh hashanah.
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every bit of this thing is very appalling. i know it is a hot potato that been has been passed down to you to cover up for the city officials who have brood this witch hunt so far. you have the power and authority to terminate it now. you do not need to wait for the rest. in view of all of the contradictions in the case. thank you very much. [applause] >> good evening, commissioners. my name is paul. i served on this commission for eight years, actually longer than any other commissioner in the history of the commission, and my interest in the commission is the integrity of the commission. i am proud to say that during the eight years i was on the commission, and never, why we would sometimes a disagreement among commissioners about the facts and have a vigorous debates with the city attorney
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about a lot, never did i feel the process was compromised because of the politics of the party complaining or the party complained of, and specifically, what i want to make sure of in this proceeding is that the same legal standard is applied that the city attorney has advised the commission must be applied in every single case where there has been a complaint of official misconduct in the history of the commission, and that is, and i read from a memo by a city attorney who was the chief deputy to the city attorney, and this was in a case where the commissioners were unanimous in their findings of the facts, but we were advised that we could take no action unless we found a violation of a charter or city ordinance relating to campaign finance, lobbying, conflicts of interest, or governmental ethics has been violated.
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under these circumstances, the regulations make clear that no further action shall be taken on a complaint unless a specific violation of a specific ordinance or charter provision that the ethics commission in forces has been found. thank you. [applause] >> good evening, commissioners. i am a former inmate of this county jail. i am now reformed. i am a pastor. i am a district 5 residents. as you can see, i am an african- american male. i am a father. all of these are things we fight every day, but i want to stand here and ask for the ethics of the san francisco police department of the hiring of people that destroy evidence during drug use.
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the former lady, i forgot her name, what her position was, but she took the cocaine and snorted it, snorted up evidence, and nothing happened to her. even gavin newsom was a cokes in order. -- a coke snorter. doing it outside. he is a lieutenant governor. we are wasting money on this thing. every day, as people have come up here before me said, we are dealing with homicides. we have actual mothers and fathers who are losing their children on the streets of san francisco. there has been no ethics in finding justice for these families, unsolved homicides for over 20 years. that is ethics. bring the police department to this commission